Multimedia Presentation

I was asked to design a multimedia presentation for the portfolio day. I did it with my good friend, Fikri, as he’s my master in Flash. I only mixed it up with some 3D animation and photo slide shows, and live it on with approriate song selection.

The content inside is mainly about all the projects, that my studio had done throughout this semester. There are four project; Mixed Media Sculptural Painting, Experimental Band, Light & Darkness and Visual Art.

Some of the problems that occur is that I cannot edit some of the video with my favourite video editor such as Ulead VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio/Liquid due to some technical faulties. In the end, I only use Windows Movie Maker and it took me hours to render the final product (even with my powerful computer.. not that power)

Its my second time working with Fikri and due to time constrain, I cannot apply some of the desired effects and motion. Maybe I’ll think of it next semester. Haha! I’ll upload streaming version of this video soon. So just, check my blog from time to time!

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