My Computer Specification

Since I’m kinda new in wordpress, I’ve spent my last Saturday studying codes and how to create a theme using wordpress. Its my first time exploring and understanding PHP script. So, I’m hoping to improve from time to time. I don’t like my previous theme so I just switched to this theme. InsyaAllah I’ll design my own theme later. Its just a matter of time.

What else? 2 big programs in UIA is over and I can finally settle down my business and my new machine back in shape. I’ve just reformat my machine with the new engine and graphic card. OK here’s my current machine specifications. Its not that super-powered but that will do.

  • AMD Athlon X2 4000
  • Biostar T770 Mobo
  • 1GB 800MHz DDR2
  • ATi X700 PCI-E
  • and the rest is just accessories right?

I prefer to call my computer a machine because I love my machine so much. Its been three years since my dad bought it. So I’ve upgraded it from Intel, AGP Mobo and DDR1 to the faster specs. Why people like me need high performance machine? Because as an industrial design student, doing 3D modelling and rendering really need good stuff. Faster means more productivity. Its been awhile and I didn’t use my PC for games anymore.

After I’ve studied the local network in the mahallah, its quite pity to see there are only few blogs and sharing server. I’ve come up with an idea to create a Joomla based web portal. I also can learn and study how to create good website with this CMS stuff. I’m still working on it. Hope to launch and publish by this week.

Chinese New Year is coming soon. My sisters already started their break. I wonder why UIA only give the midterm break on the same day as CNY and weekends? Happy holiday guys in advance.

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