My First Cheque from Google Adsense

Salam. I would like to announce here that I’ve got my first cheque from Google!

So this is like a big news for me. I have been blogging and experimenting with the Google Adsense for all these while. It’s not easy. I have read some e-books and I think it’s worth it.

Its not that much. Only USD 109.70 which is equals to RM341. If only I got the check back in the days where USD1 is RM3.80.

According to Adsense, they issue the payment on 25th November 2010. It took about two weeks to arrive in my mailbox by choosing Standard Delivery.

I’m not a Google Adsense expert but I only try my luck. I think the main thing here is the Adsense placement and also traffic. Traffic comes from good content and good SEO.

Last word, I want to thanks to Google for this. It makes me happy because I got it just in time before my big day.

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10 thoughts on “My First Cheque from Google Adsense”

    1. Thanks bro. nak set up WordPress dan hosting sendiri kejap je. Kalau tau caranya tak sampai sejam lepas dah setel beli hosting dan domain.

      Oh BTW to get that cheque or what? If the cheque, you need to get total of USD100 and Google will issue the payment on the following month. It depends on how fast people click on your ads.

  1. assalam.. tahniah bro adlan 🙂 mula2 mmg take years utk dpt 1st payout.. saya dulu 3 tahun gak huhu..
    kalo tak silap payment pakai cek tersangat lambat +/- 1 bulan (atau lebih nak release) pasni tukar setting pakai western union.. leh claim ondaspot..

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