My first month experience using broadband with quota

Salam. I still remembered when Telekom announced Unifi, the high speed broadband and it comes with some quota on data usage (or caps). Malaysians seem outraged with the caps issue.

I just want to share with you that this is how it works here in Australia. Most of the broadband have usage caps. You can check the Internet Service Providers’ websites such as BigPond, Optus, TPG and ours, Internode.

Our plan caps is 150GB and there are four people in this house sharing the broadband. The speed is ADSL2+ but it’s only about 2.4Mbps which is slower than Unifi. From my Speedtest, the average speed is only 1.2Mbps.

Once we have reached the 150GB quota, the speed will be shaped to normal speed (not sure probably 512kbps). Other plan has peak and off-peak caps. I’m glad Internode offer ‘anytime’ usage which is not bound to peak and off-peak hours.

Tracking our usage

Its good to know that there is an app that can track our monthly usage. It’s called Monthly Usage Meter (MUM). From the screenshot, you can see that there is another 28% of 150GB quota and we’ve only used 108GB.

Regarding my surfing habit, I still watch videos on Youtube and Vimeos, download torrents besides using the internet for daily surfing and social networking.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about the caps on home broadband if Telekom, Maxis or YTL want to have them on home broadband starting from a 30GB quota. For me 30GB is OK for one person. But how about the whole family?

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I hope by the time I return to Malaysia, the broadband will be reliable yet affordable for all!

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