My First Unboxing Video – Megatron Transformers 3 Toy

Salam. Introducing my first unboxing video of Megatron Transformers Dark of The Moon Mech Tech Weapon System action figure.

I bought the toy at Big W store during their Toy Sale for AUD34.97 only. It’s quite cheap because if I wanted to buy it in Malaysia, it would have cost me more than RM110. I don’t think I’m willing to buy it if it was at that expensive price.

Let’s watch this video.

Some trivia when making the video

  • I didn’t use a tripod. I just docked the camera on a small box.
  • The camera is docked between my body and my hand when holding the toy.
  • I should have prepared a pair of scissors to unbox it faster than using a cutter.
  • I’ve edited the video and increased the speed of the lengthy boring part.
  • The video is originally 7 minutes before I increased the speed.

Doing an unboxing video requires patience as you have to wait for the right time and prepare the necessary things for the recording process rather than unboxing the item straight away after purchase.

Thanks for watching. I’m planning some cool projects with this toy in the future.

2 thoughts on “My First Unboxing Video – Megatron Transformers 3 Toy”

    1. Oh ni bukan bertujuan untuk menunjukkan cara unboxing. tapi nak tunjuk apa yang berlaku ketika unboxing.

      beli megatron sebab design toy yang lebih menarik dari design lori autobots.

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