My Lego Toy Sets: Revisited after 12 years

Salam. I was busy doing some spring cleaning for my room make over for the past two weeks. There are many items including books, mangas, toys, souvenirs and many more need to be thrown away or keep it somewhere. This is where I get the chance to see my Lego toys, one of my favourite toys in the early days.

Just a quick photo shoot of my Lego collection.

Castle Set

Good versus bad – I have the wizard and the witch set. Actually I want the dragon figure when I choose this one.

Pirates Set

There was suppose to be a skeleton in this set but too bad its gone.

Space Set

Among the earliest set that I bought on my own is the hovertron, cost less than RM20 at that time.

Town Set

The largest set I’ve collected and its quite costly as well.

Brickset – LEGO set guide Website

When I try to figure out which Lego set that I have, I found this website which is a huge database of Lego set called Brickset. I need to browse one by one and finally I manage to collect all my lego set as shown earlier.

The cool thing about this website is that once you’ve created your account, you can choose which set do you have and which set do you want. View my Brickset.

Legoland in Malaysia

Do you know that the fifth Legoland themepark in the world will be in Iskandar, Johor? The park will be completed in 2012, featuring over 40 types of rides and attraction. [Source]

The design and development process of Legoland Malaysia was documented in episode 23 of Majalah 3 few weeks ago. You can watch the full version on (skip to minute 19:00). This is the picture of Sultan Ibrahim building in Johore.

Here is portion of the documentary that was captured using mobile phone.

Bricks Mal – Lego Lovers Community in Malaysia

Lastly, this is the web portal and forum dedicated to all Lego community in Malaysia and latest news and updates about Lego world. Visit Bricks Mal website!

Why I like Lego?

The thing I enjoy playing with Lego is that it encourage creativity and develop imagination. I guess that’s why now I’m part of the creative industry. Till then, I think I’ll keep my Lego set safely and pass it over to my children one day.

5 thoughts on “My Lego Toy Sets: Revisited after 12 years”

  1. comelnya koleksi lego ko! hehe..

    ‘I think I’ll keep my Lego set safely and pass it over to my children one day.’

    ..lawak la kamu.

  2. ak lum penah lg ad lego.. dlu2 ak ad main.. tp skrg bila da tgok lego ni org da ble wt mcm2 smpai bgunan pun bleh buat.. smpai kdang2 tringin plak ak nk bina taj mahal guna lego hehe

  3. eh , saya jual set hogwart castel dgn battle for hogwart. Harry potter both saya jual RM200 je. Complete brick, harga asal 900 for both. Nak let go sebab need money. 0176411821. Stay near bangsar

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