My Opera Speed Dial 2.0

One of the reasons why I like Opera is because of its Speed Dial 2.0. I know Firefox also has add-ons similar to this one but it won’t match Opera’s Speed Dial 2.0.

The Speed Dial 2.0 is not just about giving you the screenshot of the website as the new Speed Dial extension also works as a widget. This is how my Opera Speed Dial 2.0 looks like:

There are four widgets which I currently use. They are:

1. Timeline
A Twitter timeline. It only shows 3 latest tweets. Details.

2. Facebook Preview
It is a simple Facebook widget that shows the number of Friend Requests, Unread Messages and Notifications. Details.

3. Gmail on Speed Dial
It shows unread email in my Gmail inbox. Details.

4. oClock widget
Time is gold. I love the HTC style clock on my PC. Details.

Speed Dial arrangement

I don’t like too many dials so I just make it a 4×3 layout.

In the first row, I’ve put the social network links which are Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook and Google Plus.

In the second row, is my reading section. This is where I put Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Reader and Tumblr links.

The third row is reserved for my blogs, WordPress stats and the clock widget.

There are many reasons why I love to use Opera besides the new Speed Dial 2.0. Sometimes I just leave the Speed Dial tab open all the time so that I can view all the updates in a glance.

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