My vote for HotFM Lagu 1Malaysia Kita

Salam 1Malaysia. If you are a loyal Hot FM listener, I bet you might have heard about the Lagu 1Malaysia Kita organised by Hot FM. Its been almost a month since Faizal composed his own song for 1Malaysia. Its interesting because within few days, they manage to organise a national level competition for all music composer.

Enough of the introduction. Today is the last day for casting your vote. Here’s my vote from number 1, my favourite until 10, less favourite.

  1. Inilah Malaysia :Taja (Jac)
  2. Kami Anak Malaysia : Ashroff
  3. Perpaduan 1Malaysia : Alex
  4. Lagu Rakyat Satu Malaysia : Norm Aidid (Rida)
  5. Keranamu Hati Ku Malaysia : Lead (Manis)
  6. Nyanyikan Lagu Mu – Ng Ching Ching (Maya Karin)
  7. Satu: Shazee (Tomok)
  8. Sehati Sejiwa – Gerard Singh
  9. Malaysia Satu :Audimok (Faizal Tahir)
  10. Satu Malaysia – Aubrey Suwito (Siti Nurhaliza)

Basically, I vote these song base on the uniqueness, creativity and excitement. Here’s the quick review of these songs. Number 1 & 2 is very rich and merry. Number 3, 4 and 5 is fast paced and catchy. 6 to 10, the composition is fine, sounds professional but I don’t think the tune and rhythm suits with the spirit of 1Malaysia. Why Aubrey Suwito song is very melancholy? I don’t like it. Sorry, no offense!

Song for New Generation or for all?

I don’t know why, but I prefer those indie composers, because their music are new and fresh. It is suitable with the original theme, Generasi Baru or new generation. However, after HotFM has confirmed about the theme, they changed it into Lagu 1Malaysia Kita, which is to be accepted for all generation.

Till then, the voting ends today, 26th August. The winner will be announced on 31st August. I don’t expect to win any Blackberry. I just want to vote. Wishing all the best to all finalist!

Click here to download all of these song.

So, which song do you like the best?

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