My Workstation

Its my workstation at my home. Currently I’m testing the dual monitor. So, there are only 2 CPU and 3 monitors. 2 of the monitors on the left is mine as well as the black CPU.

I’m using ATi Radeon 9250 Excalibur graphic card. Its not very powerful but its not bad. I wanna buy a new graphic card later. Initially when I’m setting up the Hydravision for the dual monitor, I only got 2 cloned screen. But, what wrong with it? Actually, I wanted an extended desktop. After few try and error, I found that I forgot to tick the ‘extend monitor’ in the Display Manager.

Its good to have a large desktop. For what? Currently I’m using my secondary desktop to place unimportant stuff such as the Winamp, Yahoo Messenger and the picture frame Yahoo Widget. However, the main purpose of using multiple desktop is to have large desktop that will improve your productivity especially when you dealing with modelling in 3D.

In a recording studio where almost everything is digitalized, they are using dual monitor to monitor the equalizer during the recording process. No more traditional P.A system looks like equipment.

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