New beginning

New semester just begun with new spirit and energy. I’m quite busy with few university programs. I’m currently the head committee multimedia for 3 events which are 2nd IIUM Humanitarian Week, Islamic Performing Arts Concert (IPAC) and also International Angklung Concert. In these 3 big university events, I hope I can delegate my work well so that I can concentrate asdies. I know I wanted my work to be on every multimedia stuff but sometimes I feel quite boring to see my design or my style. Different people different style and that adds variety.

OK, that’s all about university program. Back to my studio life, we need to organize an exhibition based on our heritage and contemporary studies in Singapore and JB last time. Apart of the exhibition, we also need to have side events. This sounds like KAED Fest but in a smaller scale and I’m not the Program Manager anymore. I was appointed to organize a side event which is originally a Zapin Competition. Since most universities are still having their vacation, I’ve changed it to Traditional Dance Challenge which is open for secondary school around Selangor and KL. But since both students and teachers are on their holidays, my last resort would be a stage performance of traditional and modern.

Next is my personal life. I think its getting better. We’ve known each other for more than 8 months and our friendship is getting stronger day by day. I hope this will last for good, InsyaAllah.

There are few more things that I’ll add up for the new year wish list. I wanna upgrade my machine and maybe a goodbye to Blogger and hi to my own domain with WordPress engine.

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  1. sorry again bro. i changed my url again.. sorry for not telling you..

    omg u will have ur own domain some other time.. lemme know ok.. hehehe

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