New Binafsha 3.0 theme with responsive layout

Salam. Introducing my new blog theme, Binafsha 3.0.

The reason why I changed this theme is because I’m bored with the current theme. I’ve been using Binafsha 2.0 for more than one year. Anyway that’s not the main issue.

Actually I had the time to work on this new theme since I got two weeks of Eid break.

In this latest version of Binafsha theme, there are a few major features that I’ve implemented. Let’s go one by one.

1. Responsive layout

This is the trend in web design as far as I’m concerned. More people are using smartphones and tablets to surf the web. So I need to make sure they can view my website beautifully in different screen resolutions.

This is how it looks like in an iPhone. You can also try to resize your browser to see the magic of the responsive layout.

2. Threaded comments

In the previous theme, to be honest, I forgot to design the threaded comment section. The framework that I used did not come with a threaded comment function. Now I’m using the Starkers framework and it comes with threaded comments which is cool.

3. jQuery and more CSS3 stuff

I always fancy applying some animation and fancy typography on my clients’ website. So this is my chance to play around with the current trend. In this theme, there are only 5 images. Other effects are achieved by CSS2 and CSS3 alone. Try hovering your mouse on the logo to see the effect!

4. Magazine style layout

I’ve designed the home page to be very simple with a magazine style layout. However the entry page is still the same. The reason is because I believe most of my traffic come from search engines. If you noticed, most ads are placed on the entry page, making the home page less cluttered to achieve simplicity.


Credits to these websites for the inspiration and helping me with this theme.

I’ll keep on tweaking this theme for the time being. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the new look, please let me know in the comment section below.

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