New Layout Design

At last, as what you see on my blog, its is my new layout design for my webblog. With all the lilac and purple color scattered all around this blog. Its is originally designed by myself and I hope ya’ll can give a comment bout it. What do we have here? I put 2 Flash on the header, the events scrolling window is done with dynamic HTML. While the rest, I had started applying some Cascading Style Sheet(CSS).

Actually, this blog is best viewed with 1024×768 resolution because if you watch it with 800×600 reso, it some part will look a lil bit messy. It took me 3 weeks to have the conceptual idea and 5 days to finalize it. If I used a lot of layers (with the ‘div’ coding) it won’t arranged properly. Aight! Till then, I guess after a few months after this, I will consider again to publsh my new layout design.

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