NISMO is Nissan Motorshow, is a company under Nissan, car maker from Japan. They have won the Japan GT race last year with their 350Z GT car. Well, what is the relation between Nissan and me?

I went to Nissan Showroom at PJ, (close to UIA) to watch the GT cars by Nissan. Yeah, the actual car which will be racing on this weekend (25-26th June) at Sepang. The car was 350Z, Skyline GTR and 390 GT1 car. Instead of GT cars, there are also Nissan SUV – X-trail and Nissan 2004 compact car, Micra.

But, what makes the event more hotter is that there are also GT Babes and of course I don’t wanna miss my chance to have a picture with them. I’ll publish the pictures later in my fotopages. Just keep on checking for further updates. For a sneak preview, I’ll show you this picture, the same one I had published on Friendster.

This is a picture of me and Mai, one of the Nissan GT Babes.

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