Nuzul Quran

Well, today is nothing special that happen. Because not all of us will feel the difference whether this special day arrive or not. Nuzul Quran is the first revelation of al-Quran to prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.

Exactly, its the celebration of Nuzul Quran and for this special day of Ramadhan, I’ve planned something special.It’s not that special or grand. Just I’ve planned to join the iftar / break fast at my nearby mosque. But before the time, my father went half an hour earlier to listen to a speech. One thing that attract me much about the content of the speech is that, young children today can recite al-quran because they learn to read it. But they do not know the letters. Did you get it? OK, for instance, in the starting of al-Baqarah (verse 2:1) should be read by the letters. Alif, Lam. Mim. But since the childrens only know how to pronounce them, they will recite it as ‘Aa.La.Ma..’. Did you understand it? They don’t know the letters but the know how to pronounce the words. Quite confusing?

After that, we broke fast and perform maghrib prayer, we have some dinner. It is not very luxury but for malay dishes, I think it is quite delicius. We had some fish curry, spicy shrimps and ‘kerabu’. I don’t know what is the term in english. But malays will know what is ‘kerabu’.

After had some meal, I went back to my home during the interval to wait Isya’ prayer. After congregated Isya’ prayer, there was another preach. But the content of it was almost the same as the first one but by different person. That’s why I was


After that, as usual, we perform tarawih prayer and witir. By this time, it is almost half of the fasting month and another half to go.

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