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I suggested to my friend that it is good if he started with his online radio because in his computer right now, I bet he has more than 20GB of music files of wide range of music genres. But first, he wanted me to assist him setting up the radio. I’ve found out that Winamp with extra plug-in such as ShoutCast can enable one to start an online radio. I’ve tried at UIA with the wifi connection but I failed.

I went back home for Eid Adha and I tried setting up my online radio from my home PC. After few try and error, at last I manage to establish the IP my radio. I put in the description – astadiyu radiyu. It’s in arabic meaning Radio Studio. I’ve broadcasted official from 930pm to 1000pm on 9th Jan 2006. With one listener, bro Suzaimin, I’ve managed to solve some stupid problems.

But, if I manage to establish to start the online radio with my friend, I’ll put the correct link so that ya’ll can listen to UIA online radio server.

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  1. LOL!! wifi uia ni .. tak yah cakap laa… nak bukak launch yahoo pun susah … ehh!! salah2x. nak BUKAK BROWSERRR pun…. tensen. O_O;; sabar je laa… internet kat uia ni masih baru.. so tak stabil lagi… gud luck with your radio!! XD

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