Our Wedding Photo goes viral after almost 1 year wedding

For the past few months, most of my traffic comes from Facebook, because of this Facebook status placard photo.

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It has been spreading worldwide, becoming popular among Malaysians, and even the Gulf countries, since we are Muslims.

Privacy concern?

I have been getting lots of Friend Requests on Facebook and so has my wife. This is really bugging me. I’m sorry I don’t accept most of the friend requests. I keep Facebook to people I know. You may follow me on Twitter or my official Facebook Page.

Being evergreen?

I’m not sure how long this will be going viral on the net. But what I know is that it will be evergreen because people will always think we were just married last Friday, as stated on the placard, Friday at 9.41pm.

Some couples also used the relationship status card on their wedding day but inserted their wedding date as well, making it look outdated if it is circulated like our photo. Well, I think I made a good move since I just put the day without our actual wedding date.

People using our picture for tazkirah – about relationship on FB

This is a good thing. I know many people like to announce their relationship on FB without realizing they are telling the whole world they are doing vices.

I don’t mind people using our picture as long as it brings good connotation, to remind others, to make aware of only ‘announcing your relationship once its legal and lawful’.

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