Packaging Design

In my core course, I had to learn Environmental Design II. In my first minor project, my assignment is about Packaging Design.

Packaging Design is under Industrial Design where designers will design the package. So, I choose a product and seems I like to drive lately, I want to do something related to cars. Since, real cars will not be fitted into a box, I only can think to do a box for a toy car.

My friends choose Gundam Toy, watch and Quran for their products. While girls seems to like girlie stuff like perfume, chocolate and short candles.

It took me one week to design and to build the car toy box. On the submission day, I submitted and my friend told me that my presentation is doing well.

So, if you wanna see how I built the box, and also some of my friends design, come on check my photo album..

Adlan’s Foto Album

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