Palace of Golden Horses

I’ve accompanied my dad for TM Business Program seminar at Mines Business Centre. Unexpectedly, the organizer, Faratech Sdn. Bhd. provided us with lunch at Carousel Restaurant in Palace of Golden Horses. Besides that, they also give us a free RM25 water taxi ride along the lake, which is the mines.

The landscape design is totally superb. I love the landscape. After the multidip project, I am more interested in knowing the softscapes names such as plumeria, cocos nucifera, syzigium, spider lily, helicornia etc.

About the Palace of the Golden Horses, the building design from exterior to interior is awesome. Horses has become the main motif and elements for the hotel. Even the restaurant named Carousel have lots of horse statue, as in a carousel of course. It was the best dining experience there since its free! I shouldn’t have eaten rice. Its just that I’ve forgot that I prefer tasting delicacies rather than eating rice. By the way, the mutton tastes good. OK. Stop talking about food.

After that, we took a water taxi ride around the lake. The normal price is RM25 for adult and RM15 for children. I’m totally regret because I didn’t bring any camera to capture those beautiful views over there. I wonder when is the next time I’m gonna spend my time like this.

Since I’m going to Sungai Besi, I’m very eager to try the new SMART tunnel. From Jalan Tun Razak, its a 4 kilometres underground tunnel and we ended up near Sg. Besi airport. But, on my way back, its kinda hard to get inside the tunnel because there are only one lane directing to the tunnel. So, make sure you keep yourself in the very right lane if you are heading KL. That evening, it was very rainy and I cannot see the traffic clearly. Alhamdulillah, there’s no flash flood on my way home.

P/S – Its my first day of my holiday. What’s come up next?

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