I went to Pangkor for the second time this year. This time, me, my sister and her friends and also my dad. I took the wheel from Rawang until Setiawan, Perak. I was very exhausted and as soon as we arrived at Lumut, we had our lunch. We took ferry ride and once in Pangkor Island, my dad rent a motorcycle.

In the evening, we went to Pasir Bogak beach and swim in the sea. By Maghrib, we went back our home and prepare for dinner. Around 10pm, I went to the nearest cyber cafe. My instinct told me that, there will be alotta people chatting with me that nite. Yep, its true. I went back home to sleep around 12.30pm.

The second day, Monday, after packing our luggage, we went to the town for some shopping and I just slept in the ferry ride. Before we return to KL, I drove all my way to my grandpa’s house at Ipoh. On the way back, it took 3 hours and eventhough the rain falls heavily, my dad drove very fast yet he’s very careful..

P/s – Refreshed!!

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