Its Friday and I accompanied my dad to go to Pangkor Island, Perak. We departed as early as 730 am and we arrived Ipoh at 1110am. My dad wanted to meet his father.

Eventually, I took the wheel from Tapah to Ipoh and to Lumut. Its quite a new experience for me because I never drove outside KL before. What I learn from this tiring journey is that, I need to focus on the road while driving. Driving on federal road is more leisure than in highways because… I guess ya’ll should try driving on those different roads.

We reach Pangkor by 4pm and the it takes around 30 minutes ferry ride from Lumut to Pangkor. After unpacking our luggage, we walked to the Pasir Bogak beach, unfortunately, there were no motorcylce to be rented, that’s why we need to walk.

At the beach, I just trying to improve my swimming skill, I’m not very good at swimming but I do can swim a little. I also try the flipper but I can’t swim with it. I also put the mask for snorkelling but there were nothing I can see, the water is not very clear. I only can see sands, leaves and there was no rubbish.

The next day, I drove back from Lumut to Bidor. After that, my dad take the wheel. But the traffic along the highway was very bad. I also manage to take a lot of pictures inside the car. Do make a visit to my fotopage to have a look at those pictures.

Adlan – Refreshed!

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