PC Fair

Its the last day of PC Fair Mac 05 and I went to PWTC with my dad and my sis. I have been asking my dad to buy brand new RAM for months, just to make the computer runs faster, and finally I bought it. Its 256MB RAM by Kingston.

After having a dinner, I open the system cabinet and I want to plug in the RAM, unfortunately, its not compatible. I guess my motherboard is the ol’ skool one. (I guess 133 dont compatible with 100, anyone can tell me what is this?) Why this uncompatible thingy is always happen to me?

Uncompatibility had given me a big impact to me from relationships to computer stuffs. I really hate these things. But, I guess, its good for me, because I should be more wise when doing something afterwards. In other words, I should be very analytical in decision making.

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