Perodua Viva Elite 2009

Salam. Today I’d like to share few things about the latest Perodua Viva Elite which was launched last month.

Design stages

Actually, I’ve seen the design last year during my practical training. At that time, I feel something unique about the design. I was there when the designers were choosing the fabric for the interior. One of the designer told me that the Viva will be launched after I’ve graduated. I almost forgot about the new Viva and the launching of Viva Elite truly surprise me. Anyway, I’d like to congratulate to all Perodua styling designers because they manage to transform Viva into a stylish compact car.


Eventhough it just a cosmetic changes, it looks really nice from front. But from rear, there’s nothing much different. Here’s the comparison of Viva 2007 and the Elite 2009 version as taken from its pamphlet. By comparing the earlier Viva in 2007 and the new facelift design, there’s few differences especially on the hood and grill design.
If you are wondering where Viva got the hood design, you can see it in the automotive design trend. These cars has similar hood design and I believe the designers have studied and predicted these hood design trend.


Price on the road

Viva Elite Ezi cost about RM44,900. If you have smaller budget, you can get Viva 660 BX which cost from RM24,900. However, I wonder why Perodua don’t promote Viva Elite aggresively unlike MyVi SE last year.

Perodua MPV D46T

I have seen Perodua D46T design during its design development stage last year. Most of the reports in Paultan is consistent with what I’ve seen. Perodua will try to break the MPV market share in Malaysia after their rival, Proton Exora received good response from Malaysian.

Till then, I’ve can’t wait for Perodua MPV this November.

More pictures and information, Perodua and Paultan.

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    is there any possible way to do that.
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