Portfolio Day

Three days in a row for our portfolio day. From Monday 20th until Wednesday 22nd March.

Monday – Internal review. Our respective lecturers reassessed our studio projects.

Tuesday – Visits from Matric UIA AED Students. Maybe the department wanna give the students exposure on what they’ll face in this campus.

Wednesday – External review. We’ve got visit from experienced designers, conservator from Islamic Arts Museum and other school lecturers.

I was invited to present my final project to the external reviewers.

Since I’m good at CG in my studio, I volunteered myself and Fikri to do the multimedia presentation. Just to give a glimpse of idea for the Matrics’ students about our department and projects. They are going to choose their majoring before enter this campus. Decision making is very important because its gonna be your future.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the multimedia presentation at youtube. Check this out!

I’d appreciate your comments on presentation. FYI, its a 3 days & 3 nights product and most people says they like it. Pretty cool eh?

2 thoughts on “Portfolio Day”

  1. Blog Rasmi Motivasi Minda

    Baguslah presentation ko… memang hebatlah! Software apa yang kau gunakan untuk animation dan video ajar aku… Aku tak tau apa-apa tentang nie…hanya buat yang simple-simple jerrr….Kongsi ya!

  2. yea.. i’ve stated in the credits..

    anyway.. they are

    – Swish max
    – 3Ds Max
    – Sketchup
    – Photoshop
    – Illustrator
    – Ulead Cool 3D
    – Ulead VideoStudio 8
    – MS Photostory

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