Portfolio days (Review)

My studio was decorated heavily. At least ours are better than other studios (Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning, Quantity Surveying). With nice entrance facade, hanging fabrics on the ceiling, and all projects were exhibit in proper manner.

For the internal assessment, I didn’t show up because I woke up very late. Its 3.30pm, maybe because I work all night long and I only sleep after sahur. But, I made my mind to break fast with my family at my mum’s office, JKR held an Iftar.

The external portfolio day is among the happening day in my life. My friends give me compliments on my multimedia presentation. I guess, it has been shown with the LCD projector more than 10 times from the morning till evening.

This portfolio day means that its the end of the first semester projects. I have to struggle more on next semester because I’m not very excel in this studio.

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