Promo: Karnival Sukarelawan Belia 2009 (KASUKABE 09)

Salam to all readers. I’m sorry I was quite busy with one high impact program (quite high cost too) this weekend which is Karnival Sukarelawan Belia 2009 with shorter name, KASUKABE 09.

Here’s the official Poster, and flyers design.
This program is organized by Belia JIM Ampang Jaya with cooperation from Masjid Al-Azim Pandan Indah as the host. Among prominent exhibitors are Les Copaque (Upin Ipin), National Blood Centre, Hidayah Centre, National Transplant Resource Centre and many more.

Some of the activities including exhibition booth, food and beverage, car boot sale, jumble sale, blood drive donation, free medical checkups, game booths and many more. For more information, you can visit Official Website of KASUKABE 09.
Besides that, its my first time to use Facebook Ad to promote this program. Social media is an important advertising tool because online and offline advertising is important to promote this event. Let’s see how well it performs. 😀

Till then, hope to see you guys there!

P/S – Guess my involvement in UIA events such as KAED Fest and Taaruf Week was really useful this time

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