Public buses in Newcastle and the efficient timetable

Salam. As an avid public transportation user, I love to write about this topic in my blog. In this entry, I’d like to share about the public transportation in Newcastle. The most popular one is the public bus, which I’ve been using frequently to get to work.

Timetables and punctuality

In most of the bus stops, there will be a time table showing when the bus will arrive. At a main bus stop where there are five or more buses, they will install these informative signages.

Based on my experience, the bus is 99% punctual and that makes it reliable for the people to use the public buses to work or even shopping.

The bus drivers also have the same timetable with them so that they’ll know whether they arrived at the destination on time or behind schedule.

I don’t have to wait and waste my time waiting for the bus because I can simply refer to the timetable and plan my journey ahead.

Planning your journey online

Most of the time, I’ll refer to the Transport Infoline website. All I have to do is just enter my location and destination and they will list how I can get there by bus or rail as well as the estimated time.

In conclusion, the public bus system in Newcastle is quite reliable by just having a systematic timetable. Timetable alone is not going to work. A good town planning with a good public transportation can improve the livability rank of a city!

Hope that one day Malaysia can become world’s most livable cities.

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P/S: Next I will write about the rail system.

4 thoughts on “Public buses in Newcastle and the efficient timetable”

  1. OMG. This has made me missing Melbourne so much! I love the public transport in OZ. Their buses, trams, and trains! My friends and I had trips to Sydney and Gold Coast and we only had to use the public transport. Wish Malaysia would do something about our public transportation. Sangat la tak efficient. No wonder people keep complaining. (-_-)”

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