Public Transport: Bus Design in Malaysia

I went to Pangkor Island with my dad from Tuesday till Wednesday. We took bus from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut and also a ferry to cross the sea. So, I’m not gonna blog about my vacation in Pangkor instead I wanna talk about bus.

I’m not very used to travel with bus especially from Puduraya to somewhere else. Its just my observation that today’s bus is not as 20 years ago. During my primary schools, I’ve started taking ‘Bas Sri Jaya’ and pink mini bus. After that, there’s Intrakota, Metrobus and Cityliner generation. Now its RapidKL and surviving Metrobus public buses.

Besides that, express buses also have their revolution. From standard 2+2 seating arrangements and now there’s 2+1 seating which promises more comfortableness to the passengers. Besides that, the Plusliner bus have 2+2 seating in the front and 1+1+1 at the rear part of the bus. This is new to me because I’m not used with buses right?

Besides that, design is very much needed in the transportation design. I’m totally awed with the side mirror of buses which looks like an insects’ antennae. Last semester my third year senior designed a bus that can serve the function as an open stage. That’s pretty cool eh. Where else? I guess its the graphic on the side of the bus.

My lecturer claimed that he designed the graphic for UIAM buses. For me its OK. Instead I prefer the graphic design on UiTM buses. I hate the shuttle bus service in UIA because boys won’t feel like using it. If only the Transport Unit buy a couple of Mercedes Benz buses just like the RapidKL, I bet I’m no longer walk to my kulliyah anymore.

Walking is fun. I can think lots and lots of think, about my design, my problems and sometimes its fun when accidentally you can meet with your friends or girlfriends. Besides, you can get to know what happen to the university if there’s a program, exhibition, stalls etc. I’ve regretted when I ride with my friends’ car or motorcycle, I will miss any happenings in the university, just because we ride on the outer road.

That’s all about bus then. I wonder when I’m gonna hop on the KL HOP ON HOP OFF (picture above) bus.

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