Rainmeter Prayer Times Skin 1.0

Salam. As always, I’m busy with my real life. I don’t have much time to blog like I used to. Alhamdulillah a few projects are coming in and I got my first Newcastle based client. Not a big one but its good to get started in the new town.

Since Google Desktop was discontinued by Google, I tried to look for an alternative. Finally I’ve found one of the best desktop customization tools which is Rainmeter. Although it may sound like it, but it’s not an app to measure the rain.

Here’s a current screenshot of my desktop. I happen to put lots of skin from different themes.

The cool thing about Rainmeter is the ability to customize and even design your own desktop widget or gadget. Within the Rainmeter community, they call it ‘skin’.

My first attempt: Prayer Time skin v1.0.

It’s not that difficult to learn how to design your own skin. The manual is sufficient and even people with no background in programming can do it like myself.

The reason why I created this skin is to alert myself on the current prayer times, especially when living in a four season country where the prayer times change almost everyday. Besides, I wanted to make it easy for all Muslims in the world to check the prayer times without having to open a web browser.

This skin basically will parse the prayer times data from Islamic Finder website every 24 hours. Please note that this skin works as an additional skin to the existing theme. I’m not designing a complete theme because there are heaps of beautiful skin you can choose from such as Omnimo, Enigma and Elegance.

How to install the skin?

1. Make sure you already have Rainmeter installed on your computer.
2. Download the file from here.
3. Extract the PrayerTime folder into any of the folder in the Rainmeter skin folder. e.g. My Document/Rainmeter/Skin/illustro

4. Open Rainmeter from the tray icon.

5. Choose the folder illustro – Prayer Time and choose PrayerTime.ini.
6. Click the Load button.
7. You can place the skin wherever you like on your desktop.

How to setup the prayer times according to your location?

1. Go to Islamic Finder website.
2. Choose your Country and your City.
3. Click on the Add Daily Prayer Times To Your Website button.

4. Choose the XML Format
5. Select All and Copy everything in the textbox

6. Right click on the Prayer Time skin and choose Edit Skin.
7. In the URL section, replace the entire URL with the one from IslamicFinder
8. Go to menu File and Save.
9. Right click on the Prayer Time skin and choose Refresh Skin.

UPDATED: Please go to the official Waqtu: Rainmeter Prayer Times Skin to get the latest version!

I hope you find this skin useful. If you have any inquiry or would like to give feedback, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.

26 thoughts on “Rainmeter Prayer Times Skin 1.0”

  1. Salam mr.Adlan,

    sy dah cuba banyak kali untuk tukar prayer times ikut step yg mr.Adlan ajar tp x boleh laa… knp yea 🙁 please help me n tQ

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum Adlan
    I hope iA all is going well. Your website is amazing mA!! I was wondering if you would like to join our team and have your posts featured on our site? In particular your expertise in design would inspire our youth in the States (and around the world) to be proactive in expressing themselves through art and shine a positive light on Islam and muslims. Alhamdullilah, keep up the great work. =]

    1. Waalaikum salam Tubah,
      Alhamdulilah everything is going well. Thank you for your invitation. I’m looking forward to write in your website as well. At the moment, I’m quite busy with some projects. I don’t even update my blog as often as I used to.
      I’ll talk to you soon when I have the time, iA.

  3. Sounds great alhamdullilah! Keep me posted iA. I was thinking that maybe a partnership could work where you keep blogging on your site iA and we’ll share the same stories in a ‘collection’ on our site =]. Whatever the case, let’s iA talk when you have time. Best of luck with your work!

  4. As Salam. terima kasih sbb buat project waktu solat rainmeter skin ni.
    masalah saya, Saya dah try tukar byk kali lokasi, tapi tetap tak kluar waktu solat, hanya ada tulisan sunrise, subuh dll.
    Lokasi saya, buat makluman: alor star. Harap dapat bantu. Terima kasih.

    1. Alhamdulillah..dah boleh. tapi maaf tanya lagi. kenapa tarikh dan waktunya tak tepat ye? cthnya :ditulis tarikh 9 jumada awwal, yg sepatutnya 29 jumada awal (21 april 2012).

  5. Murad Naghway Dudu

    Mate , Thanx Alot , for this really helpful Gadget . It’s EPIC Amazingly EPIC .
    I’ll Always Mention you in my Prayers . And I Wish you happiness in your Life 🙂

    1. Thanks mate, no worries. It’s just a simple prayer time and reminder. Thank you very much for your prayer and support!

  6. alhamdulillah…yang baru sangat best! dah boleh download dan guna…terima kasih sangat2…may Allah bless… jazakallahu khairan kathira…

  7. salam. nak tanya, memang kena ada internet punya line dulu baru boleh dpt waktu azan.. maksud saya selepas shut down, jadi kosong balik, tapi bila dah connect internet baru ada balik. camna nak bagi waktu2 azan still ada walaupun selepas offline?

    1. salam. skin ni memang akan mendapatkan waktu terkini melalui internet. lepas dah dapat waktu solat ni, waktu tu akan kekal ada sehingga shut down. ia akan dapatkan waktu solat sekali sahaja. so kalau dah dapat tu, saudara boleh disconnect internet.
      – online sebentar utk skin ni dptkan waktu solat terkini
      – lepas tu boleh offline dan tak perlu tutup PC sepanjang hari
      – lepas shut down, dikira reset

      tapi saya mungkin akan cuba utk buat update terkini supaya data disimpan dalam PC walaupun offline. terima kasih atas idea saudara

  8. maaf, saya ingin tahu kenapa tidak bisa berjalan di komputer saya ya??
    saya coba yang versi sebelumnya bisa, tapi waktunya menumpuk, mohon bantuaannya

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