Ramadhan Kareem 1432 to all Muslims

Salam. I’m wishing a belated Ramadhan Kareem to all my Muslim readers and visitors.

Sorry it’s a little bit late since its already 5th Ramadhan. I should have wished earlier.

Ramadhan has been an unique experience for me. For the past four years, I’ve been in Ramadhan at all different places.

In 2008, I experience Ramadhan in Penang. I was there for internship for three months. In 2009, I worked at Mentari Court near Sunway while in 2010, I worked at Plaza Damas in Hartamas.

This year, 2011 is the first time in my life to celebrate Ramadhan overseas. I’m going to experience Ramadhan in Australia which is absolutely different compared to Malaysia. The best part is that I now have the opportunity to experience Ramadhan during winter.

I think that’s for now. I’ll be sharing the experience in the coming entries.

Let’s indulge in ibadah and make the best of Ramadhan this time, InshaAllah.

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