Ramadhan Kareem

Welcome to the fasting month of Ramadhan. Guess I’m not too late to wish you guys. Its only a week of it. 3 more weeks left.

Well, what am I up to for this month or technically its better said as the end of the semester.. I’m gonna be quite busy with my studio projects in constructing the final model and presentation. Working both in my studio and workshop for the umbrella design project and street lighting project.

For both projects, I hope I can budget within RM200. One thing is the big problem is when you wanted to decide which material is the best for the prototype one and its workable for the model making. For instance, the umbrella should be lightweight and the mechanism should work just right. I haven’t started the street lighting but for sure, I will need to apply electrical components to make the prototype works, with the light bulb!

Next, about fasting season in UIA. Well, we got 100 meters stretch of Bazar Ramadhan and I don’t like it because during the peak hours, 5.30pm- 6.45pm, its very hard to walk and get any desirable meals. The solution is, I just walked behind the stalls.

Free meals at mosque. Its a best solution if you don’t want to spend your money when you can get free meals at the mosque, eventhough it takes few minutes to queue up earlier.

Last Saturday, my studio held an iftar (break fast) with the BBQ and I was having a good time eating lots of chickens with my friends. I think that BBQ is the important event in every semester for my studio because we were having it twice already.

Till then, wish me luck with my studio projects and happy fasting!

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