Redbox Hangout

Its my first time going out for karaoke. Actually, I was inspired by my dear little sis, of course Anis, and I went to Redbox Ria at Sogo with my peeps, Haikal, Farhat, Nidzam and Fikri. Unluckily, we arrived at Redbox a little late, so we have to pay more. Actually, for the ‘Lunch Hour’ (comes around 11am to 1.30pm), you can save more than going for ‘Happy Hour’ (3pm onwards).

However, money is not my problem at all because since the PTPTN loan already deposited into my account and hey! its my first time to have fun like this. Maybe next time, I will become more careful and punctual. How about the song selection? Yea, they have wide range of songs, from the best and worst artist, local to international, solo, duet and bands. I’d like to have those collection of video clips. But, not all the videos have the lyrics together, and not all the songs have the actual videos. Got what I mean?

Quality of service? eventhough we pay for the service, but we never called the waiter to entertain us. We just happen to take the snacks and drinks by ourselves. How about our vocals? Heh.. of course we did lot of nonsense while singing. Its not a singing contest anyway. But, its fun to watch back the videos. I brought together my videocam but maybe I’ll publish one of the finest video clips. (What a psychotic?)

Anyway, 2 hours of karaoke seems like singing for 10 minutes..too short time but too many songs.. I’m suggesting that you should consider going for karaoke if you never did 🙂

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