Return to College

It seems that the holiday break is over. Now, let’s get serious in study.

In last semester, I’ve only managed to score 3.27 in my CGPA. Well, I need to be more serious in my study. I just thought it was honeymoon season. But, after the first semester, now I can see who are among my friends are intelligent, bright, need to be push and all sort of student can I know from here.

I was just finished the registration for my course and my college. I’m gonna pick up my exam result slip this evening. However, I’ll return back home this evening. Exactly when I’m ‘checking in’ to this college, I drove my way here with my Kancil 650. I just left it at the mosque parking area. That’s why I’m gonna return it back to my dad.

But, since me and my sisters had returned to our college, then, my younger sisters at home is now having a maximum holiday without any interference from us. Heh.. whatever..

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