Salam Aidilfitri 1432H from Adlan and Huda

Salam. I hope it is not too late for me and my wife to wish to all our readers Salam Aidilfitri and Eid Mubarak 1432H.

This is our first time celebrating Eidul Fitr overseas and away from our beloved parents and relatives. It is also our first time celebrating it as husband and wife.

I find it funny that some Muslims in Australia celebrated Eid on Tuesday the 30th August while the rest celebrated it on 31st August. Even here in Newcastle, two mosques celebrated it on two different days.

However, we Malaysians here follow the Newcastle Mosque and celebrated Eid on the 31st August. Our colourful baju raya made us stand out among other Muslims at the mosque. And lots of families held open houses, just like in Malaysia. So we did have an enjoyable Eid here eventhough we didn’t get to be with our family and relatives.

Oh by the way, the picture above was taken right after we performed Eid prayer. It was taken near the Newcastle City Council building opposite Civic train station.

Till then, may you have an enjoyable Eid no matter where you are!

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