Saturday Outing

Still remember how’s your saturday outing in boarding school?But its all in our memories. I don’t want to elaborate on that.

Today I went out with my friend, Izhar and Fikri. We went to Starhill at Bukit Bintang to have a look on the interior designs. I was totally attracted to one space that has thousands of small L.E.D. that illuminates the small space. I’ll publish the pictures later on my fotopages.

Actually, we wanted to go to KL Plaza because I saw a poster stating that there was an exhibition titled ‘Designers …’ (forgot already) and when we arrive there, there was nothing. So do when we arrived PWTC, eventually the IPTA R&D expo was scheduled to be next week.

However, there is one more hope left. We went to Midvalley to visit and collect pamphlet from MAPEX 2005 exhibition. But, I don’t see any connection from housing pamphlet and my portfolio materials. But I guess, it can be used in the future.

P/S – haven’t sketch any design for my finals

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