Shopping Spree

Firstly, I accompanied my sister, Nauwar to Sogo and to Pudu, she want to buy bus ticket. Then, I went back home. My mom told me to get prepare because I am going to have a shopping spree, with my sister, Azfar also.

We went to Jaya Jusco, Wangsa Maju because there was a sale. Its not just a normal sale, its ‘Super Sale’ and surprisingly, the crowd is very overwhelming. Perhaps anyone who come to JJ that day can tell how crowded was it. I got myself 2 formal shirt, its for my campus need and another 2 casual torsos. A plain white t-shirt and a blue sweater with hoodie.

What else? A girl waved at me and it was Huda, she was my committee in Guidance & Counselling Club back in Matric UIA. During the tea break, we sat next to 2 beautiful girls, both in striking pink shirt. My mum have some chat with them but I don’t. Heh, perhaps I’m not ready for older girl yet.. hehe

We went to Giant Hypermarket, Taman Permata later for some household items..

P/S- its fun but its also very tiring

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