Silver lining

“Every cloud has silver lining”

Well, now I’ve got my one cubicle inside the room. And I started to know the black metal guy inside my room. I’ve met him yesterday and guess what? He’s just freed from lock-up because he was one of the people that going to the black metal concert. I have read about it in local newspaper. But his friend, that have his stuff inside my locker, still being arrested by police for 14 days. Anyway, I’m kinda happy because I’ve got my right and my room. That guy is OK, eventhough he listen to heavy, noise and even demonic songs (that’s freaking me out!), he know how to respect his roommate if I wanna perform prayers or sleeping.

But, I think I’m gonna apply to change room because I’m worried about my belongings. Its hard to trust your roommate even if he looks very close to you. Just beware and I think its gonna be alright.

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