Skuad Era Avanza

I thought its gonna be just another boring day in my life. I went for a haircut because I’m gonna take a passport size picture for my IIUM application form. Then, just after I stepped out of the photo shop, I saw ‘Skuad Era Avanza’ in green and some yellow.

I dashed to my Kancil car to affirm their presence through the radio. Yep, there are going to be here and I think, they got the venue wrong. They stated this place as Setiawangsa, instead of Taman Keramat Permai.

There was nobody until they made the announcement. So, as the early birds, I got some freebies:-
1. minyak yu yee cap limau
2. 2 sample sunsilk syampoo 7ml
3. F&N Strawberry carbonated drink

Then, after some crowd gather at the back of the Avanza, Wani and Fadh started to give prizes based on who manage to answer their question. And I’m also the lucky one who answered some question and I got:-
1. gardenia breakthrough
2. JOM! magazine from Karangkraf
3. 2 movie tickets – ‘Qaisy & Laila’ from TGV

I got the tickets because Fad asked to the crowd, who has the latest movie ticket, and luckily, I still keep my last week ‘Initial D’ ticket inside my wallet. So, don’t throw away your movie ticket..

P/S- I have encounter 3 times with Skuad Era Avanza…

1 thought on “Skuad Era Avanza”

  1. wah…..
    i really appreciate if i’m the one who will accompany u..;-p
    well, to go together-gether watch the LAILA&QAISY movie.., huh?!

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