So long Newcastle, hello KL

Salam to everyone.

It’s official. I’m now already back in Malaysia. Pardon my lack of updates for the last couple of weeks. Too many things were to be done, like packing up stuff, cleaning up the house, shipping some boxes back home and so on.

From my previous entry, you can guess that I’m leaving Australia for good (hope so). Now, I’m living my life, starting afresh in Malaysia. I’ve already had a pretty good life back when we were down under. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to live in Malaysia to fulfill my dreams and my mission in life.

The journey – Newcastle – Sydney

I booked a Holden Cruze with Avis. On the day to collect the car, they told me they don’t have it at the moment and they up-sized it to a Ford Falcon! Man, this is a really awesome car. I think I was super lucky. Because we had 2 large boxes, 2 large luggage, 2 cabin-sized bags and this car really fits them nicely. To date, this is the biggest car I’ve ever drove in my life (apart from a van).

Sydney (SYD) – Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

The day of departure finally came. We went to Paddys Market in the morning to get some souvenirs for family and friends. Then, we head to Sydney Airport in the afternoon, arriving at 5pm to return the rental car. Before checking in at the counter, we’ve rearranged our stuff in the luggage and performed jama prayer.
This time, we’ve decided to fly with Malaysia Airlines, the same airlines that we’ve flew two years ago to Australia. We thought that we could get more luggage allowance with MAS but we were wrong. MAS only provided a maximum of 20kg of checked in bag and not more than two carry on bags.

So my advice is if you are planning to bring lots of stuff overseas, fly with AirAsia, buy the 40kgs of checked in luggage and pre-order some decent meals on flight. I can assure you that the whole amount won’t cost you as much as flying with MAS.

KLIA – at the arrival terminal for the first time

Yes, this is my first time stepping my foot at the arrival terminal in KLIA. Most of the shops were closed as it was 3am and we had to take the Aerotrain to get to the main terminal. As far as I’m concerned, two years ago, the Aerotrain was being upgraded and replaced by temporary buses.

Thinking back, it was a priceless experience, what I would call an experience of a lifetime. I’m not sure if I will be coming back to Australia anytime soon. But we never know what the future holds for us.

To be continued..

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