Story of a car

its not my car.. just a picture to show what am i blog about..

I used to drive Kancil when I was at home and need for speed. Its not about speed actually, but when it come to speed, at this time, I prefer my mum’s Satria 1.3.

Today, I went out to fetch my sisters from LRT. Since I was really tension doing my assignments, I release them with driving. I’m just loving it and guess what? I did my first DRIFT even with Kancil.

Actually, its just when I’m taking the corner at the high speed and then the tyre sounds like screeching. My sisters was totally shocked to see my abilities. I wonder if I can do better than that next time..

Anyway, when I return back home, when I want to park the car inside the porch, I kiss the window and DAMN!, there was a minor scratch on it. Last year, my sister kiss the window on the rear side, and this time, its my turn..

Adlan – Hope my dad can cover it for me!

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