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Pembaca RSS pilihan selepas Google Reader


Google Reader akhirnya telah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya pada 1 Julai 2013. Aku ingatkan 1 Julai dah tak boleh akses, rupanya masih boleh. Masuk 2 Julai 2013 PST (waktu Pasifik USA), baru tak boleh akses.

Aku ialah seorang pengguna tegar Google Reader. Melalui Google Reader, aku boleh membaca blog-blog dari seluruh internet dengan mudah dan pantas. Bila Google mengumumkan untuk ‘bunuh’ Reader, maka aku pun mula mencari alternatif.

Aku lebih sukai versi web berbanding klien desktop. Aku pun mula mencuba pelbagai klon Reader. Antaranya Inoreader, Commafeed, Digg Reader dan Feedly. Penat juga nak import data dari Reader. Tapi sebelum Reader dimatikan, aku mula mengemas langganan dan menapis blog yang masih relevan dan dikemaskini.

Perbandingan antara beberapa pembaca RSS

Berikut adalah perbandingan ringkas. Aku cuma uji apps ni secara permukaan saja, tak menyentuh secara keseluruhan.

InoreaderUI seperti Google Reader. Cuma tiada sokongan dengan apps lain.
CommaFeedsebuah projek sumber terbuka (open source) yang belum matang dan tiada sokongan apps lain
Digg ReaderUI sedikit lain dan agak kurang features seperti Reader. Belum matang.
Feedlybanyak features, ada app iOS dan Android dan ada sokongan dengan apps lain.
Flipboardtak boleh belek satu persatu artikel. Tiada versi web.
KouioRasa tak berbaloi untuk membayar $5 sebulan. Tiada versi app

Reader pilihanku : Feedly

Satu lagi yang menarik ialah Feedly telah membina sistem cloud mereka. Dulu Feedly hanya bergantung dan synchronise dengan Reader tapi kini mereka sudah boleh berdikari.

Tapi antara yang penting ialah turut mendapat sokongan apps lain seperti gReader dan pelbagai lagi.


Apakah pembaca RSS pilihan anda?

Kredit gambar: Feedly Blog

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Differences between Blogger, Designer & Photographer blogs

Salam. Its been more than two weeks without updates on my blog. I know I shouldn’t use ‘busy’ as the excuse for not updating my blog. But, I am busy. Anyway, today, I try to share with you about one issue that have been boggling my mind. Its about the differences between bloggers, designer and photographer blogs.


I have visited few blogs by full time bloggers. The best practice of becoming a full time blogger is passion and consistent updates. Good content can brings more traffic and generate more money! Thats the golden rule.


I’ve also seen some photographers’ blog or photoblogs. I think that photographers can easily update their blog because they usually publish their pictures on the blog. They don’t write. They just shoot, edit or manipulate it and publish. That’s it!


However, it is different for me as freelance designer. I know I’m not really good in writing and I don’t really into photography. In order for me to make money, I have to work everyday and nights. Since I have my day job, I only can do my freelance job at night.

The point is, not all blogger can become a good designer. Not all designers can be a good bloggers. And photographers can be a good photobloggers.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to write your opinion in the comment box below. Thanks!

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New blog theme – Binafsha 2.0

Salam. Introducing my new blog theme, Binafsha 2.0. Its a tweaked design from the Binafsha 1.0 which is my previous theme. I call it Binafsha 2.0 because it still has the same colour scheme, purple with various shades.

Before we go any further, let’s see how Binafsha 1.0 looks like. I uses WP Framework for this design.

For Binafsha 2.0, I uses Whiteboard framework with major arrangement. You can see they have same color scheme and overall layout.

This theme was inspired from many design blogs out there. I also had experimented few new features in this design.

What’s New?

  • Typekit – You can see in the blog title. Its not a web standard font but it gives new feel about the blog.
  • New fonts collection – Header uses Myriad Pro, the title uses Sovba and the content uses Lucida Sans Unicode
  • 960 grid system – I want to make the blog shorter (less scrolling) and that’s where vertical sidebar took place
  • Big fat footer – using the 960 grid system, I put many stuff down there to allow important ones on the sidebar
  • Innity ads – replacing the old good Nuffnang
  • Experiment with CSS3 – Put few text-shadow, rounded corners and box shadows.
  • New comment section – everything is aligned!

Why I redesign?
There are few reason why redesigning the whole theme is crucial. The first reason is to improve the loading time. Previously, there are too many unnecessary items here and there. So I’ve decided to design it purposely for improving my loading time. These are the comparison of the loading time for both themes.

Second is to motivate my to write shorter post, as I don’t really read long post (more than 300 words). So I just reduced the font size and surprisingly, its easier to read with less scrolling!

I designed a homepage with thumbnails & excerpt is also to improve the loading time. Based on my statistics, for the past 3 months, most of the visitors came from search engine and they read my post page only, about 80%. While those who visited the homepage are 19%. Since its hard to know which entry do the read, I revert back to excerpt with thumbnails layout. Only 3% visit my About, Portfolio & Contact page.

I guess that’s it for today. I’ll post more creative ideas in the future. Been busy with few works recently.

P/S – Am I a speed addict? 😛

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ArliaHashim new blog design

Salam. I just want to introduce to you ArliaHashim new blog design. Actually, its not my design. But I have converted her design in Photoshop (PSD) into CSS. This is my first time to convert blog design for others.

Its quite easy because I’ve experienced converting PSD in other websites too, check my portfolio. I always experiment WordPress theme with my own blog. ArliaHashim design is quite simple and minimal, so I can do it within hours.


This is what she said about her new theme.

So I’ve got my good buddy AK to help me code my layout design into a WordPress theme. I didn’t realise installing it on my own server etc was actually sooo easy!

Convert from AI to CSS

Besides that, I also can convert from Adobe Illustrator to CSS. For your information, my current blog design is created entirely with Illustrator.

Imitating other web design?

I know this is quite unethical for designer. But if you think you like (for example) Facebook design, you can ask me to convert as your theme too. But I will have to change the layout and color so that it won’t looks like the original one. I remember one quote saying, “Design is an imitation”.


It depends on the design. If the design is complicated, I will have to spend more time to do it. My rate is affordable for young (and old) bloggers. So, if you are looking for a freelance, I can help you to convert your design into your blog, you can contact me. For the mean time, I only do for WordPress blog. I hope I can convert design for Blogspot too because lots of people uses Blogspot than WordPress.

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Best Content Award from Chazzie

Last week, I’ve received Best Content Award from my fellow blogger-IIUM friend, Chazzie. As stated in the award:

Always full with interesting topics to post, he never fails to bore his visitors, but rather, the contents invite many visitors to comment and respond to his thoughts and share theirs. And as the owner, he’ll ensure that he reply to each comments making the visitors feel appreciated.

Well, I’m glad that I’ve won this blog award. I never thought that my blog has the best content, compared to other famous blog.

But I do believe, ‘best content’ issue is rather subjective. Some people may found my blog is interesting and beneficial but some of them found it dull and boring. I accept that.

AdlanKhalidi.com is my personal blog. Most of the entries in this blog is all about my experience . I tried to write it here and share some story as well as pictures. Some people will get benefit with my experience as well as the pictures.

From now on, I’ll try to improve the quality of my content. I appreciate all my readers, visitors especially my commenters. Without you guys, I won’t reach up to this point. You guys rock!

Next post (hope to be beneficial) will be a review about IIUM Election 2005-2009

P/S – trying the best for the final project!

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