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Public buses in Newcastle and the efficient timetable

Salam. As an avid public transportation user, I love to write about this topic in my blog. In this entry, I’d like to share about the public transportation in Newcastle. The most popular one is the public bus, which I’ve been using frequently to get to work.

Timetables and punctuality

In most of the bus stops, there will be a time table showing when the bus will arrive. At a main bus stop where there are five or more buses, they will install these informative signages.

Based on my experience, the bus is 99% punctual and that makes it reliable for the people to use the public buses to work or even shopping.

The bus drivers also have the same timetable with them so that they’ll know whether they arrived at the destination on time or behind schedule.

I don’t have to wait and waste my time waiting for the bus because I can simply refer to the timetable and plan my journey ahead.

Planning your journey online

Most of the time, I’ll refer to the Transport Infoline website. All I have to do is just enter my location and destination and they will list how I can get there by bus or rail as well as the estimated time.

In conclusion, the public bus system in Newcastle is quite reliable by just having a systematic timetable. Timetable alone is not going to work. A good town planning with a good public transportation can improve the livability rank of a city!

Hope that one day Malaysia can become world’s most livable cities.

P/S: Next I will write about the rail system.

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Rapid Penang ICIS

The future of public transportation in Malaysia begins in Penang. But why not Kuala Lumpur as the capital of Malaysia? I’ve received an email from Rapid Penang regarding their new Intelligent Commuter Information System (Rapid ICIS).

With Rapid ICIS, you now have the convenience of knowing how many minutes away your bus is from the bus stop, thereby allowing you to plan your journey better. Simply call the Rapid ICIS hotline at 04-238 1313 to obtain bus arrival time estimation on a real time basis! The hotline operates from 5.30am till midnight daily. (Source: ‘Hello, hello, when is my bus coming?’)

Why ICIS is cool?
I found it very cool because we can plan our journey with buses. I really hate it when I have to wait for more than 30 minutes for shuttle bus back and forth to UIA.

Why not Rapid KL?
I’m not in the position to answer this. But I can say that this ICIS is a pilot project a.k.a experimental. They want to ensure that this service is useful and beneficial to all Penangites. If its works, I hope Rapid KL can introduce this service for KLites. KL needs a better system because it has complex train, bus and taxi system unlike Penang. Besides, the population and traffic is one of the major cause why ICIS are not in KL (yet).

Poor promotion
rapidpgtix.jpgIt’s a good way to educate people to use public transportation. However in term of promotion, it is very poor. It was launched on 30th August but I never know about it until I received the email. I also don’t read NST about this article. By the way, the promotional voucher at the back of the bus ticket is absolutely cool advertising from Sunshine Mall. (It reminds me of Giant Hypermarket receipt long time ago). Maybe they can promote this service by using the tickets. By the time I publish this entry, there’s no specific promotion inside the Rapid Penang website.

Check out the launching montage for the Rapid ICIS.

From the video, it looks like ICIS is using Google Earth technology for the GPS system. Actually it was provided by Cybertowers Berhad. By the way, KL has a better system called ITIS. You can watch real time traffic on the web. KL ITIS vs Penang ICIS, which one’s better?

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Replacing bus tyre

This is my first time watching people replacing the bus tire. Luckily it’s not my bus. The incident happen at Sg. Nibong Bus Terminal in Penang. While waiting to board into my bus from Penang to KL, I saw some people near the platform gathering out of the bus.

They must have delayed about an hour from the original schedule. The bus only carries 18 passengers which means that the bus is very special or I can call it as executive or business class. Three seats in each row and there are only 6 rows of seating. They are paying for more but they have to delay their journey. I pity them.

How to replace the bus tyre?
First, he had to lift the bus. I’m not sure how he put the jack underneath the bus. But unscrewing each nuts manually its quite challenging because its very tight! 30 minutes later, back-up team of mechanics arrived with their gears and they manage to replace TWO tires. I thought he just want to replace one tire. Big vehicle has bigger and more tires. How do they replace airplane tires eh?

If you don’t know how to replace, then?
Car only have four tires so its not that difficult to replace them. I would like to advice female drivers out there, its wise to register with any breakdown companies or insurance. For instance if you registered with AAM, they can help you replace your tire or even tow your car for free.

P/S – have a safe trip for Hari Raya!

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Public Transport: Bus Design in Malaysia

I went to Pangkor Island with my dad from Tuesday till Wednesday. We took bus from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut and also a ferry to cross the sea. So, I’m not gonna blog about my vacation in Pangkor instead I wanna talk about bus.

I’m not very used to travel with bus especially from Puduraya to somewhere else. Its just my observation that today’s bus is not as 20 years ago. During my primary schools, I’ve started taking ‘Bas Sri Jaya’ and pink mini bus. After that, there’s Intrakota, Metrobus and Cityliner generation. Now its RapidKL and surviving Metrobus public buses.

Besides that, express buses also have their revolution. From standard 2+2 seating arrangements and now there’s 2+1 seating which promises more comfortableness to the passengers. Besides that, the Plusliner bus have 2+2 seating in the front and 1+1+1 at the rear part of the bus. This is new to me because I’m not used with buses right?

Besides that, design is very much needed in the transportation design. I’m totally awed with the side mirror of buses which looks like an insects’ antennae. Last semester my third year senior designed a bus that can serve the function as an open stage. That’s pretty cool eh. Where else? I guess its the graphic on the side of the bus.

My lecturer claimed that he designed the graphic for UIAM buses. For me its OK. Instead I prefer the graphic design on UiTM buses. I hate the shuttle bus service in UIA because boys won’t feel like using it. If only the Transport Unit buy a couple of Mercedes Benz buses just like the RapidKL, I bet I’m no longer walk to my kulliyah anymore.

Walking is fun. I can think lots and lots of think, about my design, my problems and sometimes its fun when accidentally you can meet with your friends or girlfriends. Besides, you can get to know what happen to the university if there’s a program, exhibition, stalls etc. I’ve regretted when I ride with my friends’ car or motorcycle, I will miss any happenings in the university, just because we ride on the outer road.

That’s all about bus then. I wonder when I’m gonna hop on the KL HOP ON HOP OFF (picture above) bus.

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Bus fare

Lately, the price of the petrol is increasing again. Then, when I was on my way back to my home, I take Metrobus. When the conductor approaching me, as usual, I’ll pay RM1.20. But, I need to pay RM1.50. If I take a ride from PJ to Kotaraya, it will cost me RM2.00. Whoa.. dat’s a lot of raise (previously RM1.20)

At home, I read newspaper. The government affirm that bus and taxi shouldn’t increase their fares. Hmm.. but they already did.

P/s- I hate when the price increased…

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