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Dapatkan maklumbalas design dengan Feedbag.io

Apabila aku mendapat sesebuah tugasan untuk rekabentuk grafik sama ada logo, poster, flyer, bunting, name card dan pelbagai lagi, aku selalu dapati proses untuk mendapatkan maklumbalas daripada klien adalah sedikit rumit.

Aliran kerja (workflow) yang biasa berlaku ialah:

  1. Siapkan design. Save sebagai JPEG dalam resolusi yang sederhana.
  2. Hantar email beserta attachment.
  3. Tunggu klien reply.
  4. Ubah design mengikut citarasa klien. Ataupun reply dengan hujah kenapa design itu sebegitu.
  5. Email sekali lagi beserta attachment yang telah dikemaskini.
  6. Tunggu klien reply. Kalau setuju, baru hantar dalam resolusi yang tinggi ataupun dalam fail Illustrator.

Anda nampak tak apa masalahnya di situ?

Proses ini boleh berlanjutan sehingga beberapa kali berbalas email baru boleh selesai. Email pun akan berlapis-lapis (nested) kadang-kadang sampai payah nak track.

Oleh itu aku pun mula mencari apakah jawapan kepada permasalahan ini.
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Proton Technology Week-2008


I went to Proton Technology Week on last Saturday, 2nd August 2008 at Shah Alam. Proton manufacturing plant was located at Seksyen 26. Since I’m not familiar with Shah Alam, I’ve lost and keep looking for an hour. On Saturday, it open for public from 2pm to 5pm. I arrived at 4.30pm and I have about 30 minutes to explore the exhibition.

So, I rushed to the shuttle bus which will carry us to the R&D department. I have been to the assembly factory during my school trip. This time, I want to have a look at the design and engineering as they have mentioned in the promotion.

I impressed by the welcoming hologram video at the entrance. I wonder if it is the same that Bill Gates used on the last conference at KLCC few months ago. Since the time is running out, I walk quickly to the Styling exhibition. I was amazed by the equipments that they have for clay modelling. Besides that, there was a quick rendering demonstration from a designer using Wacom Cyntiq. I’ve added that device in my wishlist.

Proton MPV
Proton MPV
In addition, Proton will release its first MPV in 2009. They had display the body frame and also an interior prototype model which was placed inside a box. So visitors will have to peek through a tiny hole. No camera is allowed at the MPV section. But I’ve bought a Proton Design black t-shirt which have the silhouette of the MPV on its back. Once my lecturer told me that a car aesthetic beauty lies on its silhouette.

After that, we continued our journey into the engineering and testing section. Since I’m not into engineering, I just have a glimpse and make my way out as most people had already left the building.

It was a fun and interesting event eventhough we only manage to visit the R&D section. There are more activities such as go-kart, test drive and drifting. I believe that one day Proton can become one of the best car maker in the world.

I’ve got one question. Most designer in automotive are known as Styling Designer. So, what is the translation in Malay language? Is it Pereka bentuk Gaya / Penggayaan or else?

For more information, please visit Proton website.

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3belas at UIAM


3belas is the MSID 13th Interior Design Students’ Saturday 2008. 3belas was organised by Malaysia Society of Interior Design and hosted by Applied Arts and Design Department in UIA. It was a two days event from 28th to 29th June 2008. More than 400 participants from 12 local universities and colleges students had participated in this event. I was appointed as the head of Event Management committee.
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Ide@s 2008 at UTM Skudai


Salam. I’ve been the head for IIUM contingent for the Industrial Designers’ Saturday at UTM Skudai. The event was organised by the ID Club UTM from 16 to 18 February. We departed the night before on Friday and it takes more than 12 hours to reach. I don’t know why we need to depart on Friday night. Instead we can depart on Saturday morning. I hate it when I have to sleep in the van. Oh yeah. There are only 13 students, 2 lecturers and 2 drivers with 2 vans.

What are the activities down there? In the ice breaking session, they mixed all of the participants into smaller groups and have some group binding activities. And on the next day we have telematch with 5 checkpoints. Its fun and interesting I guess when we are mixing around with all industrial designers students. I hate it when seeing architecture and interior design students are having their students workshop. I wonder if there’s any of IDE students workshop. At least I know that I’m not alone in this world, I mean in Malaysia because there are lots of interesting people in this field.

Next, there are 2 talks, from Orca Design and Motorola Design Integration team. On Sunday night, we have ide@s Nite. It’s my first time having Chinese Set in a dinner. I’ve always wanted to experience this set because last time when I’m doing part time as banquet at Renaissance, I serve them chinese set and since then I’m wishing for having one. Maybe its because most of the Ide@s committee are chinese students. FYI, the dinner took place at Pulai Spring Resort, which I can say its kinda like Awana Kijal or Genting.

Now the best part of the whole trip. They also have organised 2 competition which is semester project and open title product design. Fortunately, for the former, I’ve won the first prize with the StepMovr design while my colleague Hisham won runner-up with his Camel Active Chair. The latter competition, the first prize of RM500 also won by my colleague Farhan with his Magna Rack. That made us the overall winner that bring back home the Piala Pusingan (how to translate that?). Despite our lack of discipline in time punctuality, I guess its some kind of bless because we’ve won both categories. Imagine, UIA doesn’t produce any graduates yet in IDE, ID and conservation, but we manage to go up to the standard that allow us for the victories.

Its just some of my own point of view based on the observation its just that my department AAD in UIA was lucky compared to the ID in UTM Skudai. I can say this because of the location. UIA was situated in KL suburb and its easy for part time lecturers to come and teach us. Besides that, basically design activities like exhibition and seminars usually took place in KL. So students near Klang Valley can appreciate the exposure and design awareness in this city. Unlike in UTM where their only design awareness city is situated in Singapore. Yeah, at least you must have a passport and extra cash to have a trip down there. I’m sorry for UTM because many lecturers especially part timers don’t interested to teach them. Location is very crucial in this situation.

Moreover, as in the design competition, I’m wondering what are the judges are looking for. According to my lecturer, its the idea itself. I do awed by the fine workmanship of the prototype but as a designer, it goes back to our idea on how do we becoming creative in problem solving. Industrial design is not just about making good design but the main point is the functionality and practicality. I’m not saying that my design is the best because the workmanship is not good enough. As I mention earlier, from now onwards, I’ll try to love doing design and sketch even more, and the main thing is identifying problems and ideas.

Too much of design lately. This week is the finalising design crit session. I hope I can get through all of this because the submission is just around the corner. Wish me luck.

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Taman Tamadun Islam, Terengganu

masjid kristal

Salam. Just wanna share with you that I am truly adore by the design of the Crystal Mosque in Taman Tamadun Islam.

When you read about it in newspaper or internet, or even if you watch the television, none of them will mention about the architect of the mosque. After doing some Google down here, I’ve found that the responsible company for this mega project which is Sanderson Design group which is based in Australia and have its branch in PJ. The Terengganu state government was just funding them and since the general election is coming soon, they just loved to mention their contribution to the tourism industry. I wonder who’s the architect despite Australian or not.

Its just my hope that this mosque can serve its function and wishing that this theme park can be maintained for the future generations.

P/S – Its my new wish for this year – to visit TTI InsyaAllah.

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