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5 Tips Untuk Upgrade Kerjaya Freelance Designer Supaya Nampak Lebih Professional

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera GM!

Dalam seminggu ni banyak betul post berkenaan isu ‘FREELANCE’. Ada masa sedikit ni, aku nak kongsi beberapa point yang mungkin agak berguna pada semua designer untuk ‘upgrade’ career design korang.

1 – Tukar title dari ‘Freelance’ kepada ‘Design/Creative Consultant’:

Maksud dan tujuan asal ‘Freelance’ adalah satu kerja yang dibuat di luar waktu kerja full-time untuk duit poket sampingan. Secara automatik tugas freelance menjadi tanggapan ‘murah’ kepada customer untuk mendapatkan khidmat tertentu berbanding pergi syarikat grafik/printing.Continue reading

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Freelance Website Designer di Ipoh, Perak

Kepada sesiapa yang memerlukan freelance website dan graphic designer di sekitar Ipoh, Perak, aku adalah orang yang anda cari. Sedikit ayat untuk mempromosi diri sendiri.

Servis #1 – Website design

Untuk makluman anda, dah banyak website aku cipta untuk klien. Ada yang kosnya murah, ada yang mahal, ada yang bayar habis, ada yang lari tanpa membayar. Aku dah buat website sejak di bangku sekolah lagi, di universiti dan secara aktifnya buat freelance sejak tahun 2009.

Servis #2 – Graphic design

Aku juga berpengalaman dalam menghasilkan graphic design untuk bahan promosi seperti banner, flyer, poster di samping bahan pejabat seperti business card. Aku lebih suka menggunakan Adobe Illustrator berbanding Photoshop.


Cakap banyak pun tak guna. Oleh itu, mari aku kongsikan slideshow hasil kerja terkini yang telah aku hasilkan sejak 12 bulan yang lepas.
Continue reading

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My Ten Most Memorable Event of The Year 2010

This entry is a recap of the year 2010 on all the exciting stuff that happens to me. I’m planning to do it chronologically but I think I’ll keep this simple, by highlighting the 10 most memorable stuff this year.

1. Started to Write My Diary Again

I was inspired by my dad to write the diary on the computer. But I prefer to save it on the cloud. Thanks to Google Docs for making it happen.

2. Done More Freelance Projects

I work hard to save more money for my wedding. Thank God for blessing with clients and other freelance projects. View my portfolio.

3. Getting to Know Web Apps

Thanks to my friend for introducing with web apps, Remember The Milk. Right now I’ve tried some apps including Toggl and Tweetdeck. I’m planning to come up with some web apps project next year.

4. Work as designer in Hartamas

I worked as multimedia designer in Bandar Sunway since 2009 and I moved on and work as a designer in Hartamas. I enjoy the working environment here than in Sunway.

5. Engaged to Huda

We were engaged for 6 months starting June 2010.

6. Got 2000 unique visit in one day

This achievement is probably once in a lifetime. My blog received more than 2000 visit on last Ramadhan because of people are looking for Raya Pantun and Eid Card designs.

7. Received my first Google Adsense cheque

After five years blogging, finally I received my first Adsense cheque. The cash is not in yet. I should have used Western Union to get it sooner.

8. Bedroom and bathroom extreme makeover

I helped my mum to do some extreme makeover in our house. From paint job, built-in wardrobe and also the bathroom, it is nice to see some changes after 20 years with the same stuff.

9. Published My first Infographic

I’m proud that I managed to publish my first infographic about the Malay wedding process. I’ve more ideas and hope to come up with more of them next year.

10. Married to My Beloved Huda

I’m no longer a bachelor and I’m a married man. Thank God for making it real. I’m deeply in love with my wife right now!

I guess these are some of the good ones. There are also some bad memories. Anyway, I’m wishing everyone a happy new year. May success be with all of us!

P/S : If you want to come to my wedding in Ipoh next week, please fill the form here.

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Toggl – Time tracking that works

Salam. I was browsing the web to see how freelance designers are charging for a website design project. So I found that some designers give package price and some applies hourly basis.

So, I wonder how does a designer track their time, I mean how long do their work? Finally I’ve landed into a design blog that share list of free web applications for designer. One of them is Toggl which attracts me to try it.

Its hard for me to describe about how it works. So, I will just share with you how I use Toggl.

1. Create an account
Its where your data is stored, including client, project, task and duration.

2. Download PC version
This apps will open the time tracking tool which is connected to internet.

3. Create a task and the time starts ticking!
As simple as that. That’s why I enjoy using Toggl. You can always press the button to start or stop the time.

This is the screenshot of my report for the March 2010.

What I can say from the graph is that I’m only work during my weekend and if the project is urgent, then I’ll have to work on weeknights as well. The picture below shows the duration for each task that I’ve done. It feels good to know how long does it takes for me to finish certain task such as converting from PSD to CSS or designing a mockup.

What are the benefit of using time tracking tools?

  1. Be honest in doing your work. (Amanah)
  2. Makes you more focus on your job.
  3. You can estimate how long it takes for certain type of task and projects.
  4. Understand and appreciate the value of time.

For the time being, I’m considering of using hourly basis for some jobs. Thanks to Toggl. Now I know how some freelancers charge for their jobs. Toggl is not just for freelance designers, you also can try it if you want to know how long have you spent on certain jobs.

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ArliaHashim new blog design

Salam. I just want to introduce to you ArliaHashim new blog design. Actually, its not my design. But I have converted her design in Photoshop (PSD) into CSS. This is my first time to convert blog design for others.

Its quite easy because I’ve experienced converting PSD in other websites too, check my portfolio. I always experiment WordPress theme with my own blog. ArliaHashim design is quite simple and minimal, so I can do it within hours.


This is what she said about her new theme.

So I’ve got my good buddy AK to help me code my layout design into a WordPress theme. I didn’t realise installing it on my own server etc was actually sooo easy!

Convert from AI to CSS

Besides that, I also can convert from Adobe Illustrator to CSS. For your information, my current blog design is created entirely with Illustrator.

Imitating other web design?

I know this is quite unethical for designer. But if you think you like (for example) Facebook design, you can ask me to convert as your theme too. But I will have to change the layout and color so that it won’t looks like the original one. I remember one quote saying, “Design is an imitation”.


It depends on the design. If the design is complicated, I will have to spend more time to do it. My rate is affordable for young (and old) bloggers. So, if you are looking for a freelance, I can help you to convert your design into your blog, you can contact me. For the mean time, I only do for WordPress blog. I hope I can convert design for Blogspot too because lots of people uses Blogspot than WordPress.

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