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Isteri Saya Menggunakan Canva dan Inilah Hasilnya!

Salam buat semua pembaca.

Kali ni saya nak share pengalaman isteri saya menggunakan Canva.

Al-kisahnya isteri saya dapat job untuk buat promotional materials untuk client baru. Disebabkan kesuntukan masa, saya cakap guna Canva je lah.

Mula-mula isteri tak nak sebab tak reti katanya. Lepas tu dia cuba juga la buat guna Canva. Dan inilah hasilnya!
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5 Tips Membina Pengalaman Sebagai Graphic Designer


Dalam banyak-banyak keyword yang tiba di blog aku, ini yang paling menarik dan memberi idea untuk entri kali ini.

Aku nak jadi graphic designer tapi tiada pengalaman

Aku nak kongsikan beberapa tips dari pengalaman aku, bagaimana nak dapatkan pengalaman dalam graphic design.

1. Buat kerja amal untuk program
OK. Ni bukan buat kerja amal bantu anak yatim atau feed the homeless. Maksud di sini buat kerja graphic design secara percuma. Ketika masih di universiti, aku rajin masuk persatuan dan sertai program-program di universiti. Apabila rakan-rakan yang lain tahu aku ada kelebihan untuk membuat design, maka aku selalu ‘digunakan’ untuk membuat design poster, banner untuk promosi program.
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15 Best Degree Project Teaser Poster

Salam. I like the idea of a teaser poster for the students’ project. These posters has been mounted outside the exhibition area in KAED gallery. They also meant as a ‘hook’ or attention grabber for passers by to get inside the gallery and watch our projects out of their curiosity. Let’s check it out.

The judging criteria is totally on my personal point of view. I look into the composition, uniqueness, creativity as well as the catchy taglines. So, here’s the top 5 of the best posters design for each majoring. Its gonna take a while to load so please be patient.

Industrial Design Category

1. Norhafizat Ismail – Water Carrier
2. Zulhilmi Zainol – Designer’s Table
3. Siti Sarah Fathillah – Shoe cover
4. Ilyas Azmi – Mobile Phone Booth
5. Syaidatul Illyna – Sanitary Bin

Interior Design Category

1. Nik Eiddy Karma – Interior of Tapah R&R Hotel
2. Farhan Jamil – Interior of Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
3. Mukhafizul Mukhtar – Interior of RapidKL Gombak Station
4. Izyan Mustapa – Interior of KTMB Train Coach
5. Shukri Ariffin – Interior of KAED Gallery, IIUM

Conservation Design Category

1. Hakim Rahman – Conservation of Minaret
2. Nurizzati Ismail – Conservation of Old Shell Station
3. Intan Liyana – Creating Pesticides from Herbs
4. Hidayah – Conservation of Minangkabau House
5. Sharifah Tahirah – Conservation of Sundial

Haha. Its hard to choose the best five from each majoring. I maybe a bit biased because all of them are my friend. I’m sorry for those who are not chosen. I guess this is the reason why a judge or jury cannot has close friend or relative participating in a competition. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and that’s why it is subjective. Here’s the slideshow of the rest poster designs. Click here to view the entire album of the posters.

OK. Now, its my turn. I’ve designed four posters, two for each project. I tried my best to be creative. Here it goes.

Empoq Teaser Posters
Haraqa Teaser Posters
So, which one do you like? Vote for me, OK? 😛

Credits to the images that I’ve found on the internet especially from Flickr and Deviant Art.

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15 Custom Eid Mubarak Cards

Eid Fitr is just around the corner and people started to send greeting cards to their close friends and relatives. With the advance of todays technology, its easier to send virtual greeting cards rather than traditional cards. For me, traditional cards is priceless and meaningful as the sender will have to invest to buy cards and stamps.

In this entry, I’d like to showcase 14 coolest virtual greeting cards that I’ve received from my fellow friends and bloggers. (The title sounds like Hongkiat.com eh?)
jjcard.jpg 1. From my colleague, JJ. Simple, minimal, fresh, direct.

raya-card_yinbees.jpg2. From my colleague, Yin Bee. It has mixed of Malay traditional features. Unique composition

nana.jpg 3. From Nanako. Black with a mixed of contrasting typefaces.

fiza.jpg 4. From Fieza. Beautiful flower on the desk to show how lovely the sender is.

adila.jpg 5. From Adila. Vector style in green. Reminds me of my last year design.
zamz.jpg6. Simple header from ZAMZ blog.
megat.jpg7. From Megat. Simple blend of mosque and ketupat.
knizam.jpg8. From KNizam Artwerk. Straightforward, simple and interesting.
ezdiani.jpg9. From Airaniez. Typical layout like the traditional card but it has the RM100 duit raya!
chika.jpg10. From Chika’s blog layout. Simple scrapbooking technique.
diani.jpg11. From Dianey. Simple crayon scribble yet honest.
dayana.jpg12. From Sephia. Quick photo manipulation with Crytal Mosque as the background.
syam.jpg13. From Aeropama. Grunge style. Looks like warning signs with RM1.50 duit raya for everyone.
hasanah.jpg14. From Nurilahi. Simple text on self taken photograph.
adlan.jpg15. From me 😛

I hope these collection of virtual greeting cards can give you some inspiration and ideas to create your own card. Personally, these design looks original, creative and honest.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers and visitors Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I am sorry if I don’t pay a visit to your blog or give a good comment on your post, but its great to get to know all of you. I also want to apologize if I don’t reply your comments or give a criticize comments on your blog.

Have a good day with your family and friends this holiday, have a safe trip and take care of yourself! You may also read about ethics in celebrating Hari Raya at myadlan.blogspot.com.

P/S – which greeting card do you like the most?

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