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Youtube Video Annotation

videoyt.jpgYoutube had introduced Video Annotation on 4th June 2008. Basically, annotation is like putting text on your video.

I never know about this feature until I’ve watched a video that has too many annotated text on top of it. I was a multimedia geek in UIA that produces some video clips and montage for UIA events. So, I just share all my video works in my Youtube account. If you have your own video, you can try to put some text on it.

Here’s how to do it. First, of course you have to upload your video. This is just an example that I’ve tried on one of my collections. After you have your video ready, click on the Edit Video.

In this page, you can edit few information about your video. You can add description, time, map of where it was recorded and many more. Simply click the Annotation tab. Basically this is how it looks like. You can add Speech Bubble (picture), Note, Spotlight and Pause Annotation.

Since this is just a quick tutorial, I think you should try it yourself. You can watch this video but I don’t think its funny enough. Maybe you guys can do better than this. Click on the video to play.

This feature is great if you want to produce a karaoke version of your video clip because its fast and easy. It also can help your audience to understand better about your video.

However if you want to download the video, the annotation wont be embedded together.

This video was published on Taaruf April 07/08. Click here to read the story about the video.

P/S- I’m not good in acting, right? (Terasa poyo pulak video nih)

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