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From Broadmeadow, Newcastle to Central Station in Sydney

Salam. Its the Queen’s Birthday and its a public holiday in New South Wales. Since I don’t have to work today, we planned to spend the whole day in Sydney for some quality time together.

The plan was to take a train to Sydney. We were going to buy MyMulti Day Pass Ticket which enable us to take any train within CityRail network in one day.

Due to trackwork as stated in the CityRail website, they provided a shuttle bus directly from Broadmeadow station to Central station in Sydney.

The journey took about 2.5 hours from Newcastle to Sydney via F3 Highway. It’s my first time on a express bus in Australia. It reminds me of ‘balik kampong’ trip in Malaysia. Finally we arrived at the Central station at 12.45pm.

Central Station, Sydney

This is one of the oldest rail station in Sydney. It was built in 1855 and has undergone a few expansion since then. It connects all the major rail lines for interchange in the heart of the city. It is also known as the ‘grandest rail station in Australia’. [Source]

My wife at the Grand Concourse of the Central station.

The concourse from another angle.

There are also a few train models in a display case, showing some section cut of the train.

They still have the steam locomotive at the station. I thought it is just for exhibition but it is actually still functioning.

CityRail network

Then I took a booklet of the train timetable to plan our journey. In the centerfold of the booklet, there is a map of the entire Cityrail Sydney suburban network.

It is quite complicated and massive. I have to understand which line each of the station is located at when planning for my journey.

Well that’s all for now. Our first destination is Circular Quay.

Stay tuned and I’ll update more photos in the coming entries.

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10 things about KTM Komuter

I’ve been using Komuter for the past 6 months to get to work. My mum will drop me at Bank Negara before I’m heading to Setia Jaya station. In the afternoon, I’ll take Komuter from Setia Jaya to KL Sentral. I’ve been quite an observant to see and understand the issues regarding KTM Komuter. So, I’m going to share few things on why KTM Komuter has poor service yet it still can be improved.

1. Understanding the train design
There are basically three main Komuter coach design. Please refer to the seating layout in the diagram below (not to scale). Please note that these are the seating arrangement for the middle train car, where it is the most spacious car among the three cars (without drivers’ cockpit). Let’s start from the left car.
The first one has the most number of seating, 80 seats. However, the access door is very small and its hard for passenger to disembark and enter the car quickly.

The second one has a unique combination of seating arrangement with 76 seats. However it only has two wide entrance.

The third one has the least number of seating, 72 seats. However, this layout allow more space for standing passenger. It also has three wide entrance for easy access. This is my favourite car of all three.
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5 things about RapidKL LRT

Salam. I bet most of you have seen the brand new LRT train in Kuala Lumpur with four cars. My first time seeing this train was on 28th September 2009. You can see more information about it from Transit (Klang Valley) blog.

lrt-rapidkl-testing-no-entryHere’s todays picture that I’ve taken at KL Sentral station. Its a bit dissapointed to see an empty train but you have to wait for the next one.

Read my five things about RapidKL LRT.

1. The Kelana Jaya line LRT was designed by Bombardier which is based in Germany. The train is an ART MK II model. (Wikipedia & Bombardier)

2. Most people still associate the LRT with Star and Putra eventhough Rapid KL has combined both of them in 2004.

3. It took approximately one hour journey from Terminal Putra station to Kelana Jaya station during non-peak hours.

4. In 2009, RapidKL has setup prayer rooms (surau / musolla) in some of the LRT Stations (including Setiawangsa station).

5. The ticket price remain the same for more than 8 years and its the most economic choice of travelling in Kuala Lumpur. From one end to another end is only RM2.50!

P/S – hate waiting at LRT station

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