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Membuat montaj video dengan After Effects

Salam. Dah lama aku tak menggunakan perisian After Effects ni, tiba-tiba dapat sebuah projek yang memerlukan kepakaranku untuk membuat montaj video dengan After Effects.

Apa itu Adobe After Effects?

Untuk pengetahuan anda, Adobe After Effects ialah piawaian industri penyiaran dalam menghasilkan atau menyunting video. Bahasa mudahnya ialah kalau professional nak edit gambar guna Photoshop, kalau nak edit video kenalah guna After Effects.
Semua video yang anda lihat di kaca TV seperti iklan dan trailer filem, dihasilkan dengan After Effects. Jika ada sedikit elemen dan objek 3D berpusing-pusing, ia dihasilkan dengan perisian 3D seperti Cinema4D.

Membuat montaj video pelancaran dengan After Effects

Untuk perhatian anda, ini ialah video yang telah aku bertungkus lumus hasilkan sepanjang minggu lepas. Video ini dihasilkan sempena pelancaran First World Congress On Integration And Islamicisation Of Acquired Human Knowledge di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia.

Ringkas sahaja, kan? Tetapi nak membuatnya memerlukan kesabaran dan ketelitian yang tinggi. Mujurlah laptop Acer yang menggunakan Intel i3 mampu untuk render video ni. Aku menggunakan versi CS4 walaupun Adobe sudah melancarkan versi Creative Cloud (CC) baru-baru ini.

Kalau ada rezeki, aku mungkin nak beli MacBook Pro supaya dapat membuat video dengan lebih pantas dan produktif.

P/S – Tiba-tiba aku rasa bersemangat untuk buat video tutorial After Effects pula. Adakah anda berminat nak belajar?

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Demo Reel 2010

Salam. I hope it is not too late for me to publish my Demo Reel 2010, since its already September 2011.

What is a demo reel?

A demo reel, or show reel, is the motion picture or video equivalent of an artist’s portfolio. It is typically used as a tool to promote the artist’s skill, talent, and experience in a selected field, such as acting, directing, cinematography, editing, special effects, animation, or video games and other graphics. (Wikipedia)

In other words, it is a short video to showcase an artist’s skill because picture alone is not enough.

In this reel, I’ve compiled some of my works when I was working at Danascreen (DS) from July 2009 to June 2010. You might notice some of these videos if you pass through the giant LED screen near Ampang Park, Kuala Lumpur. This explains why most of them are festive wishes from my company.

This is the sequence of the video.

  1. Danascreen promo reel (repeated few times towards the end)
  2. Deepavali wish
  3. Waktu Solat (Prayer Times)
  4. Hari Wilayah Persekutuan
  5. Info Solat (Prayer Information)
  6. Merry Christmas
  7. Le Tour De Langkawi 2010
  8. DS Opening promotion
  9. Winter Gathering OZ 2011 montage
  10. Majlis Iftar Perdana Hidayah Centre montage
  11. 1Francais
  12. Chinese New Year
  13. Ramadhan Kareem
  14. SUKMA XIII 2010

The videos were mainly composed and edited using Adobe After Effects. While the 3D graphics and animation were done using MAXON Cinema4D. There are more of them but I only chose the best to fit under 2 minutes duration.

If I got the time and opportunity, I would like to explore different styles and concepts in making 3D montages some day.

If you need any help with making video montages, 3D logos or titles, please let me know. I’m happy to assist you with your project.

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My First Unboxing Video – Megatron Transformers 3 Toy

Salam. Introducing my first unboxing video of Megatron Transformers Dark of The Moon Mech Tech Weapon System action figure.

I bought the toy at Big W store during their Toy Sale for AUD34.97 only. It’s quite cheap because if I wanted to buy it in Malaysia, it would have cost me more than RM110. I don’t think I’m willing to buy it if it was at that expensive price.

Let’s watch this video.

Some trivia when making the video

  • I didn’t use a tripod. I just docked the camera on a small box.
  • The camera is docked between my body and my hand when holding the toy.
  • I should have prepared a pair of scissors to unbox it faster than using a cutter.
  • I’ve edited the video and increased the speed of the lengthy boring part.
  • The video is originally 7 minutes before I increased the speed.

Doing an unboxing video requires patience as you have to wait for the right time and prepare the necessary things for the recording process rather than unboxing the item straight away after purchase.

Thanks for watching. I’m planning some cool projects with this toy in the future.

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Winter Gathering Oz 2011 Teaser Video

Salam. During last Easter break, I spend few hours doing my first design community project in Newcastle.

As always, it is made with After Effects CS4. This is an experimental of using kinetic typography technique. It is my first attempt using this technique.

By the way, this is my first time doing After Effects this year. It took me less than 8 hours to rearrange and render them.

Looking for a voice over talent

I’m planning to do a kinetic typography with a voice over which means you will narrate the text on the video. If you are interested, please let me know.

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