Teaching vs Mentoring

I only have 3 weeks before the next semester session and my sister suggested me to work as a relief teacher at her former school, SMK Taman Setiawangsa. That’s my current temp job right now and I’m currently enjoying it, instead of getting income from it!

I’m replacing Mrs. Intan Salina. She’s teaching English and History for form 2 students. But hey! I don’t have any skills for teaching. All I have is presentation skills and facilitating skills (I’ve got it through AKHI Project). Being in the classroom with 40 students in front of me, that’s what they call it as mass (gathering).

Okay. Now, I’m not a mentor anymore. I’m a teacher. What should I do?

Here’s what am I thinking about teaching and mentoring. Through mentoring, we can get up close and personal with our mentee. Facilitating also might do that trick but no personal matters involve. Teaching? Yea.. its hard to get close with them. Anyway time will tell.

Just for 2 days, I haven’t started teaching any english lesson. The school classified classroom with students ability where there are classes with bright students and the rest was not so bright students. In the former, I can speak in english and they could understand. But in the latter, I just speak in mixed ‘rojak’ english, instead of keep the class exciting. They are not interested to learn..

Anyway, this gonna be a good exposure for me to synthesis..
– my school days moment
– hardships that my teachers had been through
– excitement of AKHI program
– how’s AKHI kids looks like when they’re in school
– workforce and working experience

P/S – the students calling me Sir, Mr. Ad.. ๐Ÿ˜› kinda proud!

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