Thaipusam Holiday

It was a public holiday to celebrate Thaipusam but for Selangor only. KL still running as usual. But, I don’t celebrate Thaipusam. So, I just hang around at my room and doing nothing.

Actually, the next day is the submission day, and that’s mean, I have to finish my colouring by today. So, from the morning, I just wander around, looking at my friends drafting, teaching them what I know and by afternoon, after prayer and lunch, I went for outing.

I went out with Sharif, we went to SS14 and then to Uncle Win’s Art Stationary at Tmn Mayang, Kelana Jaya. I only bought a small t-square and cool grey Prismacolor marker. and its quite tempting if you look at those cheap stationaries.

That night is the longest night in the whole week. Because I need to finish the coloring and I slept after Subuh prayer. Just to regain energy.

Adlan – slept for 1hour 30 minutes

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