The Future of Newcastle Mosque

Salam. There are only two mosque in Newcastle and the one I visit the most is the Newcastle Mosque in Wallsend.

Muslims population in Newcastle

The Muslim population in Newcastle has been growing significantly in the last five years. The current Muslim population is a mix of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, European and Anglo-Saxon origin.

Influx of overseas Muslim students from Middle East and different Asian countries coming to Newcastle University and TAFE has also been contributing in this changing demography.

This is a picture of the exterior design of the Newcastle Mosque in Wallsend.

It is a single storey building with a main prayer hall for male and a smaller prayer room for female. It also has a small ablution area and toilet. Usually many people will come to the mosque for Friday prayers. At other times, there are only three to four rows in the main hall.

Elermore Vale Mosque appeal

With the increased population of Muslims in Newcastle, the Muslim society has started to propose a new mosque not so far from Wallsend which is in Elermore Vale.

This is the 3D visualization of the mosque. It will have its own parking space,  a community hall for gathering such as Eid, a school and more facilities for the Muslim community.

However, the locals disagree with the mosque project as they claim that it will cause more traffic congestion especially during Friday noons or on other special days when Muslims celebrate an occasion.

It has been reported that Newcastle City Council planners recommended the development application be refused on traffic and parking grounds.

I don’t know where they got the statistic but I don’t think there are 267 cars coming to Wallsend on every Friday. I think they counted other motorists who passes by that road at that time too. That’s not fair.

Now it’s going to take a longer time for approval if they want us to find a new location for the mosque. I really hope that the mosque project will start before I return to Malaysia. Anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to invite all Muslim to support and donate in building the mosque. You can visit Newcastle Mosque website for more information.

9 thoughts on “The Future of Newcastle Mosque”

    1. Kat Newcastle baru ada dua sebab tak ramai Muslim. Tapi kat bandar Sydney, Melbourne lagi banyak masjid.

      Nanti ko da ada keluarga, latih la anak² pergi masjid selalu ya 😀

    1. Thanks. Setakat yang saya tahu, kebiasaannya di negara yang bukan majoriti Muslim, mereka memerlukan sumbangan untuk membina masjid dari orang ramai. Kerajaan omputih ni tak membantu sangat pun.

  1. Assalam o Alaykum wa rahmatullah-e-wa barakatahu,

    Well we have already seen the shockwave effect that Auburn mosque have created,and I am referring to the sharia law incident and lashing of someone in the name of sharia, when we refuse to learn, refuse to show moderity and refuse to coexist in a different society, how can we change the outlook of locals when it comes to accepting what we do or want? I don’t know if its the above mosque, but already the council has refused building of new mosque and according to locals, it will never happen. I have no idea in which direction most of the muslims are going, middle east and asian muslim countaries are turning into disaster. The clergy needs to get it right and stop making a mockery of the religion. Most of you may not like what I have said brothers but I am sorry, I cannot act ingorent about what is happening around us. I love my faith but I am sure this is not how Prophet PBUH would wanted it to be. I am open to debate about it.

    Peace be upon you.

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